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Photo by Steve Foersch 
  All rights reserved.

P.U.P.S. Founder/Lead Investigator/audio tech 

I have been involved in the paranormal my whole life. Been investigating, and researching in the field since 1999. Formed the P.U.P.S team in 2006. Having been a musician, I have a passion for audio, EVP work and review. I am the Audio tech for the group. I am also doing ITC research as well.  I am a Vet Tech by trade, and love animals. I have been on a few TV shows for Fort Mifflin.  I place I love.   As PUPS,  we are also dedicated to volunteering  and helping restore Historic locations. That is a passion for all of us! 

Photo by Steve Foersch 
All rights reserved.

Event volunteer & organizer

Been ghost hunting for about 9 years now. I started out with the New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society (which I'm still a member) and was drafted/kidnapped by Lisa. I'm definately a skeptical believer...meaning I believe but I'm going to do my best to find a logical/natural answer to something. I'm not much for audio, as I don't have an ear for it, but I'm definitely a techie type of person. I enjoy trying new gadgets, but don't jump into anything that comes out. There are a few people in the field who's opinion I trust when it comes to hardware. I've done a few television spots, but hate being in front of the camera. Just think of me as the power behind the throne. 


Dawn Marano
Investigator/Facebook PUPS Team Manager/audio tech

I have had paranormal experience all of my life and I lived in fear.  I wanted to overcome my fear and this led me to develop an interest in the paranormal because I sought to learn more about what I was experiencing.  Eventually this led to a lessening of my fears and an eagerness to explore and learn all that I could.  My passion is in audio and ITC.   I enjoy exploring historic sites and volunteering at these sites as well.   I find that the more knowledge I gain the more questions that seek to be answered.

Photo by Dawn Marano 
 All rights reserved.

 Joe Marano 
Investigator/video tech/audio experimentation

I became involved in the paranormal field because of my love for history and historical architecture.  I enjoy volunteering and helping to preserve history.   I was a complete skeptic until I began to have experiences that I could not explain.   I go into every investigation with a skeptical view, and first and foremost I try hard to find a natural cause or rational explanation.  I enjoy using my creative and mechanical abilities to develop new technical and investigative techniques.

Psychic medium

The psychic medium Nikki whom we trust who has now relocated to Florida.  We do no inform her of the evidence we have collected prior to having collected it. She has been dead on. Trust me, in this P.U.P.S. team we really put a medium to the test! 

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